Dubai Marina vs Downtown Dubai Which one is best for you

Dubai Marina vs Downtown are undoubtedly the two most popular places to visit and stay. But which of them is the better place to stay and which one for vacation? Let’s see – Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai: which one is best for you?

Dubai is a treat to the eyes of those who enjoy natural and artificial beauty. Dubai’s architecture is outstanding and royal, from high-rise buildings to floating villas.

This article lists the comparisons and differences between Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. To compare the two, we have considered properties for sale, apartments, villas, cost analysis, and lifestyle.

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: An Overview 

Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are the two most luxurious and well-known residential regions in Dubai. Located on Sheikh Zayed Street, both are within a short distance of popular areas, famous monuments, and tourist destinations.  

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: An Overview 

Downtown Dubai is a flagship property of Emaar enterprise. However, Emaar is primarily responsible for constructing Dubai Marina. Downtown Dubai villas have a more attractive location as they are close to Jumeirah and the Dubai Mall. In contrast, Jebel Ali is near the villas in Dubai Marina.

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Properties for Sale

Off-the-plan and ready-to-move-in houses are readily available in both areas. In addition, downtown Dubai has many housing options with various architectural styles and layouts. 

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Properties for Sale

On the other hand, Dubai Marina is home to around 200 apartments and skyscrapers. It also has luxury villas and penthouses. The houses vary from single-room studios to huge 5-bedroom apartments. 

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Apartments

The single-bedroom houses are generally 570 to 1,200 square feet in size. 

Luxury apartments in Downtown Dubai are huge and cost 1,890 AED per square foot. On the other hand, houses in Dubai Marina cost around 1,242 AED per square foot.

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Apartments

The average cost for flats in both areas is around 1 million AED

In comparison, 1 to 2 BHK flats cost approximately 1.5 million AED to 2.7 million AED. A larger 3BHK flat is more suitable for prominent families; however, it costs 4.8 million AED.

The average cost for a studio flat in Dubai Marina is 769k AED. 

The average price of a one or 2-bedroom property for sale in Dubai is between 1.1 million AED and 1.7 million AED. The bigger three-bedroom homes start at around 2.9 million.

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Villas

The Jewels is one of many residential buildings in Downtown Dubai that offer luxurious villas. Dubai Marina contains properties with 3 to 5 bedrooms. Hence, it is an excellent option for people looking for bigger houses. In addition, there are a few villas for sale in Downtown Dubai. So those who want to stay in a villa might choose Dubai Marina.


A 3 BHK house in Dubai Marina costs around 4.8 million AED

On the other hand, the bigger 4 to 5 BHK homes cost about 9.7 million to 3.6 million AED

Whereas, A 4 BHK villa in Downtown Dubai costs 6.5 million AED. Therefore, it is clear that Downtown Dubai is less expensive than Dubai marina.

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Renting an Apartment

Studio apartments in Downtown Dubai cost around 57k AED, whereas 1 to 3 BHK flats cost about 83k AED to 242k AED

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Renting an Apartment

On the other hand, an apartment in Dubai Marina usually costs around 43k AED. 1 to 3 BHK flats cost about 66k AED  to 142k AED.

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Renting a Villa

The luxury apartments and villas in Dubai Marina are generally 2 to 5 BHK. On the other hand, Downtown Dubai villas are 3 to 4 BHK. 

Renting a Villa

Regarding rents, A 3 BHK villa in Dubai Marina costs around 181k AED per month.

In Downtown Dubai, you must pay an average rent of about 233k per month.

Downtown Dubai vs. Dubai Marina: Way of Life

Dubai Marina is a highly developed coastal region. It is a family-friendly community located near the Dubai beach. On the other hand, Downtown Dubai is known for its premium resorts and famous monuments. 

Dubai Marina vs Downtown

In addition, these communities are full of shops, healthcare centers, hospitals, and pharmacies. So, people living in these areas get proper access to all daily amenities. Some of the properties also have gym facilities and a swimming pool.


Downtown Dubai surely wins as:

  • The Dubai Opera, a famous cultural center, is within walking distance.
  • The Dubai Mall offers drive-in theaters, premium shops, skating rinks, and a singing fountain.
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Street is full of premium restaurants.
  • The area also includes its subway.

A point to note is that Dubai Marina also comes with its own set of unique features. So ultimately, it’s up to you what lifestyle you live and what community you choose to live in.

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