All About Dubai REST App By Dubai Land Department

Are you looking for properties to invest in Dubai real estate market, or rent one or rent yours? Then, there is a solution- Dubai REST App for everything related to Dubai real estate. If you are into real estate, you should learn all about this App from the Dubai Land Department. 

To help you learn all about best REST App, we have prepared this article. Please go through it to know how it works, register, get verified, and get more details. 

What is Dubai REST App

The Dubai REST App provides all sorts of real estate services in your hand. Launched in 2018 as a digital service provider, it is the ultimate solution for all your real estate troubles. From property owners, tenants, and brokers to investors, all types of real estate beneficiaries can use this App to perform services.

Moreover, the REST or Real Estate Self Transaction app allows complete digital management of all your real estate services by eliminating paperwork. It provides every real estate information of brokers, management companies, consultancy, and government data. In addition, this App allows landlords to trade and sell properties anytime over the internet, saving time and effort.

How Dubai REST App works

The REST app enables property owners to access their properties where they can know the current values, rent prices, service charges, and much more. In addition, this App lets tenants and property owners manage leases and rental disputes and solve them.

The application is available in Arabic and English, enabling you to do all kinds of online real estate trading, property selling, renting, Ejari registration, and even mortgage. Bank accounts could also be linked directly for cash transactions, deposits, and mortgages.

Using this App while renting property online, you can pay bills for water, electricity, internet, etc. This app helps avoid getting involved with any payment for management or service agents. You can also know the rental and sale indexes of different periods.

Services offered by Dubai REST App

Here is the services list offered by the Dubai REST App-

Real Estate Services list

  • Title Deed Verification
  • Title Deeds Registrations
  • Property Status
  • Project Status Enquiry
  • Property Fee Calculator
  • Certificate Verification
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • To whom it may concern certificates

RERA or Real Estate Regulatory Agency

  • Rental Index
  • Sale Index
  • Find Brokers
  • Ejari Contract Registration
  • Service Charges 
  • Dubai Real Estate Litigation
  •  Search Office Trade License
  • Dubai Brokers
  • Validate E-Card
  • Services Directory

RDC or Rental Disputes Centre

  • To Register Case
  • To Track and view Registered cases
  • Rental, good conduct certificate generation

Login to the Dubai REST App

Andriod and ios system allows to download the rest of the app. To log in, you can select English or Arabic as the language. Currently, you can log in as an owner or tenant, Valuation company, Management Company, Broker, or RDC user. In addition, you are allowed to use your UAE Pass to sign in.

Register As an Owner/Tenant on Dubai REST App

It is very easy to register in this application by using the Emirates ID. You can also use your unified number or visa number for registration. After registration, the Dubai Land Department will approve your request or update it.

Registration Of Ejari Contract

The registration of the Ejari contract is done under RERA. Properties not associated with management companies can only be applied for the Ejari contract. You must use your Emirates ID, a title deed, or a mobile number to apply. Here you can also track the status of your request by going to the “My Request” section of this App.


Q. How to verify a title deed on Dubai REST App? 

Ans: To verify a title deed on Dubai REST App, you need to submit the certificate number, your property type, and your name.

Q. Where to find the rental index on the REST App?

Ans: The rental index is just under the RERA services section of the Dubai REST app. The rental index gives accurate information on rental prices according to the property type and area.

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