Three Types of Villas for Rent in Dubai

If you want a nice villa to rent in Dubai, you’re in luck! Dubai has great villas at good prices, especially if your country’s money is worth more than the dirham. Plus, those villas offer three types of villas you also get to live in a fancy community! They also offer exclusive communities. Some of these communities are gated and private, but all of them have 24/7 security. 

In Dubai, you can find all sorts of villas for rent in pretty much every area. Each villa comes with its own cool stuff, depending on where it is. So, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

To top it all off, almost all the rental contracts in Dubai are yearly, which adds financial predictability to the list of many benefits that come with renting a villa in Dubai. 

If financial predictability, 24/7 security, safety, exclusivity, and a reasonable price sound good to you, read on to discover three different types of villas for rent in Dubai.

Villas with a Private Garden

Villas with a Private Garden

Villas for rent in Dubai often come with a private garden. These villas are especially available in communities such as Amazonia in Ayoka Oxygen’s cluster of villas. These villas will range from 3 to 5 bedrooms and have 4 baths. 

These villas for rent in Dubai also come with a balcony that overlooks the private garden as well as covered parking, such as a garage or basement parking, and a children’s play area. Inside the villa, they will have built-in wardrobes, central air conditioning, and a children’s nursery. Finally, most of the villas with a private garden will come equipped with broadband internet. 

Villas with a View

Villas with a View

Villas for rent in Dubai will also offer beautiful views. This is especially true in the communities of Jumeirah Golf Estates, Jumeirah, Palm Jumeirah, and Emirates Hills. As their names suggest, Jumeirah Golf Estates and Emirates Hills offer views of the breathtaking golf courses from your villa, while Jumeirah and Palm Jumeirah offer views of the lakes and the sea.

These villas for rent in Dubai come with all of the amenities that villas with a private garden have, and also include a private pool and beach in Palm Jumeriah, concierge service and 24-hour maintenance in Jumeriah, and private pools in Jumeriah Golf Estate and Emirates Hills. 

Villas with a view, as is consistent with many villas around the world, will also go for an expensive price. The villa in Emirates Hills, for instance, costs over AED 1,000,000 but is basically an 8-bedroom mansion. 

Villas with Pools

Villas with Pools

Finally, villas for rent in Dubai can also come with pools. The communities currently offering pools include Dubai Marina, Mirdif, and Al Khawaneej. There are two types of villas for rent in Dubai that will offer pools: those that offer shared pools and those that offer private pools. Shared pools are pools for the community, while private pools are just for the use of the people who rent the villa. 

Naturally, the higher the price is, the more exclusive the villa is. You can expect to pay over AED 100,000 in order to get a villa with a private pool, while those villas for rent in Dubai that cost less than AED 100,000 in rent will have shared pools.

The Dubai Marina, Mirdif, and Al Khawaneej villas for rent have different features as well as the type of pool. For instance, in Mirdif, a villa with a pool will have access to a basketball court and business center; Al Khawaneej’s villas will come with a private garden and valet service; and Dubai Marin’s villas will come with an intercom system and access to the beach. 

Villas are definitely the most luxurious house to live in. The front garden and the private pool give a luxury vibe in a villa. This type of luxury can be found in sustainable living in the countryside or on an island. 

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Villas for rent in Dubai come in many shapes and sizes. If you want a special, chill, and safe place to live, consider a Dubai villa. They can have cool stuff like pools, private gardens, or nice views. And sometimes, you can get two or even all three of these things!

Within a Dubai villa with a private garden, view, pool, or all three, there are also several other perks. This in includes private access to the beach, basketball courts, concierge service, 24/7 security, and many, many more options. 

Whether you are looking to retire, working from home, or simply want a change of pace or peace of mind, villas for rent in Dubai provide a serene atmosphere, security, and entertainment for everyone! Almost everyone will find something to enjoy in Dubai, and the villas are no exception.  

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